Rent the barn - we'll bring it to you

Have an event or a long-term need for a solid, rustic space.  Get in touch with the Tentwood team and we’ll work with you to bring our barn to the location of your choosing

the devil is in the details


square feet

14 ft




Transform your ideal location (public or private) into a timeless experience by renting the Tentwood Barn, which is every bit as cozy as it is pragmatic. With weather being so unpredictable, save yourself the worry of rain or wind and rent a beautifully enclosed space protected from the elements. Guests will step through sliding wood doors and into a northwest made barn full of rustic warmth. Above, they’ll notice fourteen-foot ceilings holding antique chandeliers dripping with glowing jewels and fairy lights fanned out like stars. Through the expansive windows they’ll see trees, flowers, a lake… whichever special features your backdrop showcases. And as they take a seat, they’ll dine on long, grooved farm tables made of oak with matching bench seats. We’ll take care of the barn—you go wild with the details! 

Ideal for events lasting anywhere from three days to two years. 1,000 square foot space with a two-day setup. $8,000 per week or $12,000 per month.

View the Tentwood barn layout here.