Build your structure

Tentwood will work with you to create a custom structure that will suit your business, venue, event, or whatever else you can come up with.

So you want a custom structure - Now what?


Let’s chat vision, size, and location


We’ll engineer a spectacular semi-permanent venue built to suit your needs


Tentwood’s team will build and install your new facility within six months

If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind space on your property—we can do that! Whether we pull features from a similar structure, create a Pinterest board full of inspired images, or design a space to enhance the natural beauty of your grounds, Tentwood can create an event structure with your ideas in mind in only nine months. The finishes are entirely determined by each client at the design stage with curated selections and custom options. Avoid the hassle of building permits and get something more concrete and longer lasting than the typical white tent. Whether it’s a charming barn, modern space, or mini chapel, we can customize a design that fits your needs and aligns to your existing outdoor space. 


Our recent client, Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo, came to us with a special request for a rural space to house the countless events they host throughout the year. We designed a modern barn, complete with skylights and an open-air concept, near the zoo’s open meadow. Officially named “Briar Oak” on the Zoo grounds, can accommodate up to 100 people, brings utility to an otherwise unused space. It is now the location for events such as Zootunes, Jungle Party Annual Gala, Tasting Flights, and company parties including Google and Facebook.