About Tentwood Events

Tentwood Barn About Us

A Traveling Venue for Wedding Spaces

The first of its kind, Tentwood is a mobile, pop-up event space. At 1,000 square feet, the rustic barn can be assembled in just one day by Tentwood’s professional crew. The event and location is up to you, be it an intimate wedding in your backyard or a party with friends in the park. Our traveling barn features salvaged building materials and unique architectural details to help highlight and personalize your special day.

The freedom to choose your location is what makes Tentwood Events so unique. Transported in a moving truck, the barn and crew literally come to you and provide safe set up, breakdown and removal. The structure forms a perfect backdrop for wedding and celebration photos, flowers, lights and action!

Our traveling barn is here to inspire you. Launched in October 2017, we invite you to join us as we prepare for our first wedding/venue season in 2018.

Tentwood Barn About Us
Tentwood CEO

Meet the Designer

Kelsey Von Stubbe

Kelsey Von Stubbe had a lightbulb moment in early 2017. Recently married, she was surprised by the lack of creative options to protect your guests against the elements. Though a white tent can be placed most anywhere, it was not aesthetically pleasing enough to ensure a dream outdoor wedding. So she set to work researching and designing a better option. Drawing on her own wedding experience, she created a space to complement an outdoor setting with rustic, vintage decor and a feeling of open air. After many months, it all came together and Tentwood Events was born.

With a background in marketing and the performing arts, Kelsey has used her experience to create a special “staging” venue for celebrations with family and friends. She welcomes the opportunity to help you make memories and magic with Tentwood.